20 March 2021, 14h24


Jorge Jesus launched the game from matchday 24 of the Liga NOS. The SC Braga-Benfica match is scheduled for this Sunday, at 8 pm, at the Estádio Municipal de Braga. 

Is this the ideal moment to face SC Braga, one of the big teams in Portuguese football?

Reality tells us that tomorrow [Sunday] is another game, with a rival that is having a good season and has been meddling in the fight of the big three, this season and others. We know we will find a strong team, just like Benfica is. We believe we have a lot of quality and we are very confident, and the boost in confidence has to do with the last results. We have been improving from match to match. We need to show that in Braga, in front of a rival that is thinking about beating Benfica. It will be a great match.

Jorge Jesus

Do you see this game with SC Braga as decisive, considering what it could mean in terms of league standings?

Yes, in terms of league standings, Benfica needs to win in Braga. We still believe in the first place, but we have to think about the third place because we are in fourth and if we win tomorrow [Sunday] we will surely move up to the third place. And round after round, we will try to climb up the standings until we reach second place. Then, we have to see if we still have a chance of reaching the first place, knowing that, with each round that passes, we have fewer chances. We believe because we feel that we are improving and there are still many rounds left to play.

Jorge Jesus

SC Braga won the two matches it played against Benfica. Benfica is win a winning streak and without conceding goals. Should any team fear the other more, given this context?

There are no easy matches. The fact that SC Braga won these two games [at Estádio da Luz for the Liga NOS and the League Cup semi-final], maybe it's better for us because we can correct things we didn't do so well in those two games so we can win in Braga. That's what we are betting on.

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Text: João Sanches and Marco Rebelo
Photos: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, March 20, 2021

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