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Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Hospital da Luz have just renewed the partnership that links the two institutions since 2014, a moment that was attended by the CEO of Benfica Group, Domingos Soares de Oliveira, Isabel Vaz, CEO of Luz Saúde, and Taarabt, footballer of the reds.

Hospital da Luz continues to be SL Benfica's official medical services partner, providing clinical assistance to 6000 athletes of the professional football (men and women) and Youth football teams, and handball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, roller hockey, rugby (men and women), athletics, judo, canoe, gymnastics, swimming, triathlon, boxing, Olympic Benfica and billiards.

Parceria SLB e Hospital da Luz

"Any partnership that has continuity is a sign that things went well. In the scope of the relationship we have with Hospital da Luz, in a more direct way, and with Luz Saúde in particular, over these six years, the results are excellent. We have 6,000 athletes who practice sports with the Benfica colors, from the kids to the professional teams. These teams can count on excellent service from Hospital da Luz. Our health teams, from HPD, have a service of excellence. The work we have been doing in collaboration with Luz Saúde has had magnificent results. Whenever I ask our teams about the evolution of an athlete, about the recovery after an operation of an athlete... the answer is invariably very positive. It would be natural to continue this partnership, we are very pleased that it will be another three years, it is part of the set of partnerships renewed in June and July and, finally, we are all to be congratulated, we, Luz Saúde and Hospital da Luz", congratulated Domingos Soares de Oliveira to BTV

"The work we have been doing in collaboration with Luz Saúde has had magnificent results"

The Reds and the Luz Saúde Group are institutions of national implementation, a fundamental characteristic for the renewed success of this synergy in the opinion of Benfica Group's CEO. 

"Even from a geographical point of view, the implementation of Luz Saúde is similar to Benfica: a national implementation. We have hundreds of Casas do Benfica around the world, but, particularly in Portugal, we have more than 100 Casas do Benfica that are in operation. The fact that Luz Saúde has expanded, with 15 hospitals throughout the country, means that Benfiquistas are close to where Luz Saúde provides its services.", he stressed. 

Since the beginning of this partnership, Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the unit where the medical check-ups of the athletes are carried out, namely at the beginning of the sports season, the medicals of the new signings, all kinds of complementary diagnostic and treatment means, specialty appointments, and necessary surgical interventions at the outpatient and inpatient levels.

All this activity, including clinical analyses and, in the current context, COVID-19 tests (when requested) is always carried out in conjunction with the SL Benfica Medical Department.

Parceria SLB e Hospital da Luz

For Isabel Vaz, CEO of Luz Saúde, "this is a very important partnership for Hospital da Luz: because of its size - by the end of 2019 we will have performed about 30,000 imaging, cardiology and clinical analysis exams, 5,500 specialty appointments and nearly 600 surgeries; because it has allowed our professionals, namely physicians, to increase their experience and deepen their knowledge in the clinical follow-up of high-performance athletes. All this, always in a relationship of sharing information and knowledge with the medical department of Sport Lisboa e Benfica".

Also according to the CEO of Luz Saúde, "the partnership with SL Benfica is, for us, a motive of great pride for the performance of the clinical and administrative teams that perform an extraordinary work with the athletes and whose success is based on the organization of the medical and administrative departments of SL Benfica and Hospital da Luz".

"The magnitude of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, from the point of view of Sports Medicine, is very important for our development. We have grown, both of us, together. It is a partnership of the highest confidence, because treating the health of one of Benfica's main assets - its athletes - is a great honor. This is a strategic partnership", finished Isabel Vaz. 

The eagles' footballers Taarabt also attended the protocol ceremony.

"It's incredible and it's good news. Every time we come here, the doctors look after us. All the people are great professionals. I am very happy", he acknowledged.

Parceria SLB e Hospital da Luz

Expansion and investment in Sports Medicine

The expansion of Hospital da Luz Lisboa – with a duplication of its current capacity (which increased to 400 beds) , is materialized in the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, in greater surgical capacity, and in new conditions to meet the challenge of teaching and training in the health area.

In this sense, the Training, Research and Innovation Center of Hospital da Luz Lisboa reinforces its vocation as a research hospital, university education and advanced medical training.

The increase in the hospital's capacity will allow for the creation of a new Sports Medicine Center, an area that continues to be a strong focus of Hospital da Luz.

Parceria SLB e Hospital da Luz

A national network, a reputable brand

The Hospital da Luz is a network of hospitals and clinics, from north to south of the country and Madeira, which works in an integrated way and is accessible anywhere in the world through MY LUZ.

With a highly differentiated health care offer and multi-channel access, for emergencies at Luz 24, or for face-to-face appointments and video appointments, Hospital da Luz invests in team medicine of excellence and the best technology, always at the service of its clients, wherever they are.

The Hospital da Luz brand has just been distinguished by Marktest Reputation Index as the most reputable brand in the category of Private Hospitals in Portugal, in 2021

Text: Marco Rebelo
Photos: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica
Last update: Friday, July 2, 2021

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