25 July 2021, 23h52


Pizzi was pleased with Benfica's collective performance in the last pre-season game against Marseille (1-1), especially because of the difficulties that were posed by the French club. 

Demand: important to evolve

"It was a good test, a good preparation training. We faced a good team, with excellent, quality players, who made things difficult for us, but we did a good test. Now it is time to think about the next match [against Spartak], which is very important for all of us and the Club."


(More) pressing team

"Our game is based on a very strong high pressure, on not letting the other team play. We were very good in that sense, we failed to take advantage in the moments of ball recovery when they were out of position, but, in general, we had a good training, a good match."

Tactical versatility: on the right and inside

"There is some freedom of movement. Then, defensively, we must adjust and always respect each one's position, but with freedom, making our movements, which is also important to confuse the opposing defenses. Overall, we played a good game, with many combinations."

Oferta Personalização Camisolas Benfica

Text: Rui Miguel Gomes
Photos: Isabel Cutileiro and Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica
Last update: Tuesday, July 26, 2022

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