Women's football

18 August 2021, 17h54


In the first match of the Women's Champions League Round 1, Benfica beat Kiryat Gat by 4-0 in Zenica, near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The qualification to Round 2 will be decided against Racing FC Union Luxembourg, on Saturday, August 21. 


Benfica-Kiryat Gat
Zenica Training Center
Benfica Starting XI
Letícia, Matilde Fidalgo (Catarina Amado, 46'), Carole Costa, Ana Seiça, Lúcia Alves, Pauleta (Christy Ucheibe, 60'), Beatriz Cameirão (Francisca Nazareth, 46'), Andreia Faria (Maria Negrão, 71'), Ana Vitória, Cloé Lacasse and Nycole (Valéria Cantuário, 46')
Carolina Vilão, Adriana Rocha, Sílvia Rebelo, Catarina Amado (46'), Christy Ucheibe (60'), Maria Negrão (71'), Francisca Nazareth (46'), Lara Pintassilgo, Marta Cintra and Valéria Cantuário (46')
At half-time 0-0
Goals from Benfica
 Ana Vitória (52' pk, 54'), Valéria Cantuário (69'), Francisca Nazareth (85')

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica and Archive
Last update: Wednesday, August 18, 2021

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