21 August 2021, 22h25

This Saturday, August 21st, the U-19 team of SL Benfica defeated Vilafranquense by 0-7 in a match of matchday 3 of the South Zone of the first phase of the U-19 National Championship. 

Golo do Benfica

Vilafranquense - Benfica
Campo do Cevadeiro
Benfica Starting XI
Aleksander Sandahl, Martim Ferreira, Rafael Afonso, Hugo Faria, Vladimir Mendes, Gustavo Mendonça, José Marques, João Neves, Franculino Djú, Hugo Félix and Diego Moreira
 Thiago Pereira, José Sampaio, João Veloso, Rafael Luís, João Rego, Ricardo Nóbrega and Iuri Moreira
At half-time 0-3
Goals from Benfica
João Neves (23' and 64'), Hugo Félix (35'), Franculino Djú (43' and 50'), Diego Moreira (60') and Hugo Faria (76')

Text: Simão Vitorino
Photos: Archive / SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, August 21, 2021

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