Women's football

30 October 2021, 16h58


After the international break, Benfica's women's football team visited Atlético in a game from matchday of the 1st phase (South Group) of the Liga BPI. Expressive and fair triumph of the eagles by 0-13. 


In the next round (6), Benfica, now with 12 points in the standings, hosts Torreense, in a match scheduled for 11 am on November 6, at Benfica Campus (Field no. 7).

Estádio da Tapadinha
Benfica Starting XI
Adriana Rocha, Matilde Fidalgo, Sílvia Rebelo (74'), Ana Seiça (46'), Lúcia Alves, Daniela Santos, Christy Ucheibe (67'), Pauleta (21'), Francisca Nazareth (67'), Cloé Lacasse and Valéria Cantuário
Carolina Vilão, Marta Cintra (46'), Maria Negrão (46'), Carolina Correia (74'), Catarina Amado, Madalina Tatar (67') and Beatriz Cameirão (67')
At half-time 0-9
Benfica goal scores
Christy Ucheibe (9'), Francisca Nazareth (15', 18', 38', 45'+4' and 48'), Cloé Lacasse (33', 45'+2' and 45'+6'), Valéria Cantuário (37'), Marta Cintra (56' and  77') and Madalina Tatar (79')

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, October 30, 2021


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