07 February 2022, 21h00

Estádio João Cardoso

Tondela-Benfica, a game from matchday 21 of the Liga Bwin at the Estádio João Cardoso. Final score: 1-3. Everton, Darwin and Gonçalo Ramos scored the goals from the Glorioso.


90'+6' Ends the match. Benfica win in Tondela by 1-3

90' Injury time: five minutes.

88' 1-3. Tondela scores through Eduardo Quaresma after a corner taken on the left.

Tondela-Benfica 21.ª jornada Liga Bwin

81' Substitutions for Tondela: Bebeto replaces Tiago Almeida.

81' Substitutions for Benfica: Rafa and Gonçalo Ramos are replaced by Nemanja and Henrique Araújo.

73' Substitutions for Benfica: Paulo Bernardo and Darwin come off and are replaced by Meïte and Taarabt.

Tondela-Benfica 21.ª jornada Liga Bwin

72' Substitutions for Tondela: Undabarrena, Boselli and Daniel dos Anjos are replaced by Manu Hernando, Arcanjo and Dadashov.

65' Foul from Neto Borges on Darwin. The Tondela player sees the second yellow card and is sent off.

62'Substitution for Benfica: Everton comes off, Diogo Gonçalves comes on.

Tondela-Benfica 21.ª jornada Liga Bwin

53' 0-3. GOAL! BENFICA! GONÇALO RAMOS! Everton assists Gonçalo Ramos, who, in the penalty box, takes an opponent out of the way and shoots the ball into the net. Fourth goal from Gonçalo Ramos in the Championship and the fourth assist from Everton

46' The second half is underway!

46' Substitution for Tondela: Avilés is replaced by D'Almeida.

Tondela-Benfica 21.ª jornada Liga Bwin

45'+3' Ends the first half. Benfica wins in Tondela by 0-2.

45' Added time: two minutes.

45' Yellow card shown to Everton.

39'Yellow card shown to Neto Borges for fouling Rafa.

Tondela-Benfica 21.ª jornada Liga Bwin

34' 0-2. SCREAMER! BENFICA! DARWIN! The number 9 runs down the left, cuts inside and fires a rocket into the Tondelense goal.

23' 0-1. GOAL! BENFICA! EVERTON! Combination on the left, with Grimaldo finding Everton, who buries the ball in the back of the net!

Tondela-Benfica 21.ª jornada Liga Bwin

1' The match begins in Tondela!

Estádio João Cardoso
Benfica XI
Odysseas, Valentino, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Grimaldo, Julian Weigl, Paulo Bernardo, Gonçalo Ramos, Rafa, Everton and Darwin
Helton, André Almeida, Morato, Meïte, Taarabt, Diogo Gonçalves, Gil Dias, Nemanja and Henrique Araújo
Tondela XI
Trigueira, Tiago Almeida, Eduardo Quaresma, Ricardo Alves, Neto Borges, Undabarrena, João Pedro, Javier Avilés, Salvador Agra, Boselli and Daniel dos Anjos
Niasse, Manu Hernando, Bebeto, Khacef, Marcelo Alves, Arcanjo, D'Almeida, Matias Lacava and Dadashov
At half-time -
Goals from Benfica

João Pinheiro

Referee of the match 

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Photos: Archive / SL Benfica
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