27 February 2022, 17h58

Benfica won at Estádio Aurélio Pereira

Benfica's Under-17s "imitated" what the Under-19s had done two days earlier, on Friday, February 25, and won at Sporting's home ground this Sunday afternoon. With a goal in each half of the encounter, the young eagles sealed the triumph by 1-2 on matchday 12 of the 2nd phase of the National Championship South group. 

Estádio Aurélio Pereira
Benfica XI
Marcel Mendes, Leandro Santos, Mario Tudose, Henrique Sá, Francisco Machado, Alamara Djabi, Ussumane Djaló, João Veloso, João Rego, Kyanno Silva and Ivan Lima
André Moreira, João Fonseca, João Conceição, Miguel Constantinescu, Alfa Baldé, Jelani Trevisan and Gustavo Varela
At half-time 1-1
Goals from Benfica
 João Rego (28'), Henrique Sá (63' pk)

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, May 26, 2022

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