28 February 2022, 14h16

Rui Costa

Today we celebrate 118 years of glorious and magnificent history. A history of memorable achievements, of extraordinary triumphs, which have made Sport Lisboa e Benfica what it is today: one of the biggest clubs in the world.

But if Benfica "is bigger than Portugal", in the sense that it goes far beyond the country's borders and the victories achieved, it is in its supporters and, in particular, in its members that the reasons for this global Benfica can be found.

The Benfiquista mystique, which is unique, has very solid foundations in the values that founded the Club, in the eclecticism, in the victories achieved, but also in an equally unique fan base, as was once again evident in the Emblem Award Ceremony that took place last Saturday.

Imbued with an enormous sense of mission and responsibility, we look to the future with great confidence. Confidence in victories and achievements that will continue to write our Glorious History in gold. Confidence in a Benfica in the image of its founders and exemplary in all areas. Confidence in the unity, tranquility, and cohesion needed to achieve what we all aspire to. Confidence in Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Congratulations, Glorious Sport Lisboa e Benfica!

Photos: Archive / SL Benfica
Last update: Monday, February 28, 2022

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