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23 May 2022, 14h13

Two-time national champion for Sport Lisboa e Benfica's women's football team, central defender Carole Costa has extended her link to the club until 2024.

"I am very happy with the eagle on my chest. I feel fulfilled at Benfica, I identify with the Club's values and I can only be happy for this renewal", reacted the Portuguese international Carole Costa to BTV.

"It is a winning project, I have several titles wearing this jersey, this is what a player wants, I can only be happy and I want many more", highlighted the reds center-back, who, apart from winning the Liga BPI, was also awarded the prize destined to the Best Player of the competition in 2021/22.

Futebol Feminino

"The highlight of the season was winning the Championship. We lost some cups and that made us sad, we will try to do better next season", analyzed Carole Costa, one of the players elected to represent Portugal in this year's European Women's Football Championship.

"It is a huge pride to be representing our National Team, we are going to the European Championship, I couldn't be happier. It was a spectacular year in individual and collective terms, I can only be happy. I thank Benfica and the entire Board for giving me all these moments", shared Carole Costa.

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Monday, May 23, 2022

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