Women's Roller hockey

25 June 2022, 21h25



National Championship
Play-off final
(game 2)
Final score
HT: 1-2
Benfica 3
Sporting 2
 Cata Flores 22'
Cata Flores 32'
Marlene Sousa 42'
Sofia Moncóvio 7' 
Sofia Moncóvio 19'

Historic! Benfica's women's roller hockey team became nine-time national champions this Saturday, June 25, after beating Sporting 3-2 in game 2 of the National Championship play-off final. 

Hóquei feminino Benfica

The team under Paulo Almeida started the season with the 1st place in the South series of the 1st phase of the National Championship with seven win and one draw (22 points). In the 2nd phase, again the 1st place, with 13 win and one draw (40 points). In the play-offs, the reds saw off Stuart Massamá in the quarter-finals and CACO in the semi-finals. In the final, two wins over Sporting made Benfica lift the trophy!

Hóquei feminino Benfica

Pavilhão Fidelidade
Benfica V
 Maria Vieira, Beatriz Figueiredo, Raquel Santos, Marlene Sousa and Maria Sofia Silva
Marta Benfeitas, Sofia Contreiras, Cata Flores, Maca Ramos and Inês Severino
Sporting V
Cláudia Vicente, Sofia Moncóvio, Inês Vieira, Ana Catarina Ferreira and Rita Lopes 
Alice Vicente, Inês Açoreira, Margarida Florêncio, Rita Batista and Rute Lopes 
At half-time 1-2

 Benfica: Cata Flores (22' e 32') and Marlene Sousa (42'); Sporting: Sofia Moncóvio (7' and 19')

Text: Rafaela Certã Alves
Photos: Victoria Ribeiro / SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, June 25, 2022

Patrocinadores Hóquei


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