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02 July 2022, 10h08


The goalkeeper Rute Costa has signed contract with Sport Lisboa e Benfica until 2024. At the age of 28, the Portuguese international stated it is "the most important step" of her career.

"It’s a very special feeling, a dream come true. I’m an ambitious athlete, it’s very rewarding to reach this level. I’m very happy", reacted Rute Costa, to BTV.

At the moment of the signature, the President Rui Costa was present.

"It’s important to have a leader with that experience, someone I watched playing and admired. It’s important to be by his side, it's special and we kind of understand that the Club is well structured. It’s very good for us, players, to have someone with the capacity and competence of the President", commented the Portuguese international.

Rute Costa

"Benfica, just like me, have ambition and want to keep winning trophies. I hope to be happy and honor this great club"

Rute Costa

Along her career, the 28-year-old keeper played for Casa Povo Martim, BoavistaClube de Albergaria and SC Braga, arriving at Benfica after defending Famalicão.

"This is the most important stepBenfica, just like me, have ambition and want to keep winning trophiesI hope to be happy and honor this great club", said Rute Costa.

Rute Costa 

At the end, Rute Costa spoke to the Benfiquistas...

"I want to thank for all they have done for the club and for their support. I hope I can give my contribution for their happiness and that we can celebrate together ", she concluded.

Rute Costa

Text: Rafaela Certã Alves
Photos: Victoria Ribeiro / SL Benfica
Last update: Saturday, July 2, 2022

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