05 August 2022, 22h24

Estádio da Luz

Liga Bwin
Matchday 1


HT: 3-0

Benfica 4
 Arouca 0

 8' Gilberto

42' Rafa

45'+6' Enzo

86' Rafa


Benfica-Arouca, game from matchday 1 of the Liga Bwin. An uncontested 4-0 victory for the eagles, with goals from Gilberto, Rafa (2) and Enzo.


90'+4' Ends the match at Estádio da Luz. Benfica kick off the Liga Bwin season with an emphatic 4-0 win against Arouca.

90' Four minutes of added time.

GOAL: 4-0

86' 4-0. GOAL! BENFICA! RAFA! Bah makes the cross and Rafa buries the ball in the back of the net. It is the brace from the eagles' number 27 and the first assist from Bah.

83' Rafa sees the yellow card.

82' Yellow card shown to Weigl.

80' Official: 53 617 spectators at Estádio da Luz!

79' Substitutions for Arouca: Antony comes off, Bruno Marques comes on.

72' Substitutions for Benfica: Gonçalo Ramos and Neres come off and are replaced by Yaremchuk and Henrique Araujo.

69' Substitutions for Arouca: Busquets out, Soro in.

63' Substitutions for Benfica: Gilberto and Florentino come off, Bah and Weigl come on.

60' Gonçalo Ramos is running towards the goal, goalkeeper Arruabarrena saves the ball with his left arm outside the box, and could be punished with a red card. However, the play is analyzed by VAR and the refereeing team signals offside for the Benfica striker.

54' Yellow card shown to Florentino.

46' The second half is underway at Estádio da Luz.

46' Substitutions for Arouca: Alan Ruiz, Arsénio and Mujica come off, Bogdan Milovanov, Bukia and Rafael Fernandes comes.

45'+7' Half-time at Estádio da Luz. Benfica are leading 3-0.

GOAL: 3-0

45'+6' 3-0. GOAL! BENFICA! ENZO! Gilberto crosses to the center of the box, the Arouca defenders try to prevent the ball from reaching Gonçalo Ramos, but the ball goes to Enzo, who shoots with his right foot and puts the ball in the back of the net.

45'+2' Manuel Mota sees the images and changes the color of the card: red card shown to Quaresma.

45' Four minutes of added time.

45' Yellow card shown to Quaresma. But there are doubts. Manuel Mota is reviewing the images of the match.

GOAL: 2-0

42' 2-0. GOAL! BENFICA! RAFA! The number 27 overcomes two opponents on the left, crosses, the Arouca central defenders try to intercept, but are unsuccessful. The ball gains height, and is headed by Gonçalo Ramos, who hits the crossbar. The ball bounces off the crossbar and Rafa gently heads it into the net.

34' Substitution for Benfica: João Mário out (after colliding with Arsénio), Chiquinho in.

25' João Mário tries his luck with a left footed shot from the edge of the box. The ball goes over the bar. 

GOAL: 1-0

8' 1-0. GOAL! BENFICA! GILBERTO! Grimaldo crosses with class to the middle of the box, area where Gilberto dispatches the cross into the back of the net with an header.

1' Yellow card shown to Opoku. 

1' The match starts at Estádio da Luz, the Liga Bwin 2022/23 has begun!

Onze do Benfica

Estádio da Luz
Benfica XI
 Odysseas, Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato, Grimaldo, Enzo, Florentino, Neres, João Mário, Rafa and Gonçalo Ramos
 Helton, Bah, Vertonghen, António Silva, Weigl, Chiquinho, Yaremchuk, Musa and Henrique Araújo
Arouca XI
Arruabarrena, Tiago Esgaio, João Basso, Opoku, Quaresma, Yaw Moses, Busquets, Antony, Alan Ruiz, Arsénio and Mujica 
 Zubas, Morlaye Sylla, Bukia, Bruno Marques, Bogdan Milovanov, Soro, Kizza, Vitinho and Rafael Fernandes
At half-time -
Refereeing team
Referee: Manuel Mota; Assistants: Nuno Eiras and Jorge Fernandes; 4th Official: Hélder Carvalho; VAR: Vasco Santos; AVAR: Rui Licínio




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Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: João Paulo Trindade e Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica
Last update: Friday, August 5, 2022

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