18 August 2022, 00h15

Gilberto netted the opener at minute 9 after João Mário's assist and Gonçalo Ramos scored the second at 37. The three red players were in the flash interview.


Gilberto: "To score for Benfica and in the Champions League makes me very happy"

"Thank God, it’s not the first time I score in the Champions League, it’s a dream. Whenever I score, I fell the same way, it will never change. To score for Benfica and in the Champions League makes me very happy. It was an important goal to help us in the next match. We know the job is not finished. We got to give 100% to reach the qualification."


Gonçalo Ramos: "We won, played well and want to win again"

"I always work to give my contribution to the team, either with goals, assists or a good performance. The most important thing is that we won, played well, and we could have scored more goals. We must look at the next game the same way. We’ll give everything and we want to win again."


João Mário: "Important to keep a clean sheet"

"We played very well. We could have scored another one in the first half; it would be a different. The team should be congratulated. We played against a great opponent and managed to get a good result. To sum up, we played with a lot of quality, with organization and it was important to keep a clean sheet. Now we have to give it all at Estádio da Luz to reach the Champions League."

Text: Nuno Miguel Machado
Photos: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, August 18, 2022


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