Women's football

21 August 2022, 19h12

Jéssica Silva


Women's Champions League
Round 1
Halftime: 0-1
Twente 1
 Benfica 2
R. Jansen 71' Ana Vitória 11'
Francisca Nazareth 61'

Benfica beat Twente by 1-2, in the Group 8 final of the Women's Champions League Round 1, which took place this Sunday, August 21, at Sportcampus Diekman, in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Andreia Norton

Benfica won 1-2, in Enschede, against a tough Twente and reached the qualification for Round 2The draw takes place on September 1, in Nyon.

Equipa feminina de futebol do Benfica 

Sportcampus Diekman
Benfica XI
Rute Costa, Lúcia Alves, Sílvia Rebelo, Carole Costa, Pauleta, Andreia Faria (Ana Seiça, 83'), Andreia Norton, Francisca Nazareth (Christy Ucheibe, 63'), Ana Vitória, Cloé Lacasse and Jéssica Silva (Valéria, 72')
Carolina Vilão, Ana Seiça (83'), Carolina Correia, Daniela Silva, Carlyn Baldwin, Christy Ucheibe (63'), Maria Negrão, Marta Cintra, Valéria (72'), Beatriz Nogueira and Nycole
Twente XI
Van Domselaar, Kaptein, Dijkstra, Kerkdijk, Olislagers, Van Ginkel, Giesen (B. Jansen, 75'), Van Dooren, Stolze (Dhont, 85'), Kalma and R. Jansen
Nienhuis, Tijink, Roetgering, Dhont (85'), Kroese, Te Brake, Kroezen, B. Jansen (75'), Vermeer and Verdaasdonk
Halftime 0-1
 Benfica: Ana Vitória (11') and Francisca Nazareth (61'); Twente: R. Jansen (71')

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Twente and SL Benfica Twitter
Last update: Sunday, August 21, 2022

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