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28 September 2022, 21h46

Benfica Celebrations


Champions League
Round 2
(2nd leg)
HT. 0-0
Regular time: 0-1
Benfica 2
Rangers 1
 Cloé Lacasse 93'
Jéssica Silva 119'
 Watson 87'

After extra-time, Benfica beat Rangers by  2-1 in the 2nd leg of Round 2 of qualification for the Champions League, at the Benfica Campus, and (for the first time in Portuguese football) qualified for the group stage of the competition for the second year in a row. In Scotland, remember, the Reds had won by 2-3

Golo do Benfica

2-1 (after extra-time)
Benfica Campus
Benfica XI
Rute Costa, Carole Costa, Ana Seiça, Lúcia Alves, Pauleta, Andreia Faria (Christy Ucheibe, 109'), Andreia Norton (Jéssica Silva, 109'), Ana Vitória, Valéria Cantuário (Maria Negrão, 74'), Cloé Lacasse and Nycole (Marta Cintra, 59')
Katelin Talbert, Carolina Vilão, Sílvia Rebelo, Carolina Correia, Christy Ucheibe (109'), Maria Negrão (74'), Daniela Silva, Marta Cintra (59'), Lara Pintassilgo, Jéssica Silva (109') and Beatriz Nogueira
Rangers XI
Esson, McLauchlan (Orschmann, 98'), Middag, Martinez, Docherty, Hay (Howat, 78'), Cornet, Kerr, Maclean (Watson, 57'), Arnot (Nolf, 57') and McCoy (Mcleary, 98')
Fife, Inman, Orschmann (98'), Howat (78'), Cavanagh, Austin, Mcleary (98'), Nolf (57'), Watson (57') and Gray
At half-time 0-0
At the end of regular time final 0-1
Benfica: Cloé Lacasse (93') and Jéssica Silva (119'): Rangers: Watson (87')

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Victoria Ribeiro / SL Benfica
Last update: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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