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Rui Vitória: “Our job is done”


Benfica won in the trip to Portimonense's home ground. Cervi (2) and Zivkovic scored the goals of another three crucial points, of another battle won. Mission accomplished!-, according to the coach.

Saturday night marked by another battle! Benfica traveled to Estádio Municipal de Portimão where, in a match from Gameweek 22 of Liga NOS, beat Portimonense, by 1-3.


“It was a well-contested match, against a good team that made things difficult for us and for that reason, makes our victory more valuable. We had the upper hand in the first half, we settled our game, we had a great dynamics, a fluid ball circulation and we controlled the match. We could have seized better and have scored another goal. Portimonense had their work cut out at that stage. Then, in the second half, being the result just 1-0, Portimonense believed they could get the equalizer, the match became more combative, more balanced and we conceded the equalizer. After that, we played again with more tranquility, we settled the game, we had more ideas with discipline and judgment and we ended up getting a well-deserved win, against a good opponent that is hard to beat here and that played very well. This was what we wanted, the win, we got it, our work is done. Now we have to cross out this match and think about the next”, said Rui Vitória to the journalists at the end of the match.

“It is not easy to play against this opponent, at this ground, and they were extremely motivated by the two last results. It was important to win this match and we did it”, he reaffirmed.

Another goal from a set piece…

“The set pieces are part of the game. Congratulation to Cervi because he executed very well and, in that sense, it was something that I enjoyed watching. He has been training very well and he ended up deserving it”, he explained regarding the second goal of the Argentine.


With these three points, Benfica takes the provisional top spot of Liga NOS

“The importance is relative. We are not worried about that, we are worried about doing our job, about winning our matches, focusing on ourselves, and for now, we managed to do that. The standings are a consequence of the work that we have to do and today we already did it. We got the three points, in a difficult ground, against an opponent that have been praised by the way they fight and play, and today they have proven it once again, but we ended up winning. The work of the other is their concern”, said the Eagle's coach.

Jonas ended up being substituted due to injury. Asked to comment on the physical condition of the Brazilian forward, Rui Vitória explained that is still too early for that.

“It is premature to say something. It was on the knee area, but that is with the medical department. I still don't have an opinion about that”, said the coach.

Text: Sónia Antunes

Pics: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica

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