28 March 2018, 10h00

The scintillated form of Fejsa at Benfica is attested by objective data which have earned him labels from the supporters who admire him. “Monster”, “Intelligent” and “Wall” are three of words attached to him – and he accepts them like he reveals in an interview with BTV, where he speaks about the collective attitude for the last seven battles in search of the Fifth consecutive league title.

The Serbia international was not present in the last two matches from his home country national team having in mind the participation in the 2018 World Cup. Carrying on working hard in Seixal, he was one of the players that the coach Rui Vitória had available to prepare the home match against V. Guimarães, at 6:15 pm on Saturday, in Gameweek 28 of the Liga NOS. But when Serbia calls for him, Fejsa will quickly “present”!

“Of course, I was born in Serbia and I am always available to help our national team. It is my country and I love to play there”, said the defensive midfielder.

With 22 appearances in 27 rounds in the current edition of the Liga NOSFejsa has nearly 2000 minutes played and is close to surpassing the 25 matches in which he played in 2016/17.

“It is being a really good season, but it is not over yet. For me is very important to play. When play I am very happy, and I hope to continue like this until the end”, said Benfica's number five.



In the next match, like always, one has to give his best, to play at 200 percent and win the match. With the supporters on our side, of course. They are unbelievable and they help us a lot”, praised the holding midfielder.

Apart from the commitment and sweat in training at Caixa Futebol Campus, the last few days have unveiled another side of the Serbian international: the tattoos. Fejsa explained the meaning of the last drawing he engraved on his chest.

“I started by the left side, with an eagle. I think I don't need to explain but it is the eagle of the club I play at and that is something special for me. On the right side a did a lion because I was born in August, Lion is my zodiac sign. I have a few words that are also important to me. I won ten league titles and I also added the stars. But of course, I have space for more!”, guarantees Fejsa, with a smile on his lips.



His curriculum makes the Benfica supporters associate the number 5 jersey to the word “success”. A recognition to which the player does not remain indifferent.

“Of course that leaves happy, but I usually say that the success is not just mine, it is the success of all my teammates, presidents, coaches, supporters. And my secret is to work hard. That is the important thing”, he says.

Fejsa is, by far, the king of tackles and interceptions in the Liga NOS. And how does Benfica's number 5 explains this attribute? “I don't know, maybe because I think  a lot and I always prepare myself to arrive two or three seconds before the opponent. But I don't know, i is a natural ability”, says the defensive midfielder, who also stands out on the pitch for the strength and forcefulness. “For me it is important, like I always say, to give 200% ”, he states.

Fejsa like all the adjectives and labels that the Benfica supporters associate to him, he only declines comparisons to God. And if he had to choose one or a few? “Monster, yes. I am a Monster. And intelligent. I am also a Wall. If I had to pick two or three, it would be those”, he reveals.



“Wall”, in the case of Fejsa, doe not match with “insensitivity”. The Serbian is happy at the Club and feels fulfilled for being part of a squad in which the teammates are able to do gestures like the one carried out by Jonas in the Benfica Gala, where he invited all his teammate to join him at the stage when he received the Footballer of the Year Award.

“It was a nice gesture from Jonas because Benfica is a family. We do everything to be the best. It was nice for all bonito. I have been here for four years now, almost five years and I have just one thing to say: you can see in my tattoo what I feel for Benfica”, said the Four-time champions.

Fejsa distinguishes himself by being a man of values, a champion, a true Benfica player, with feelings, who gets emotional when someone touches his heart, where his offspring is a tenant and landlord. “One day I will tattoo my son on my body. To be a father is special”, he confesses.

Text: João Sanches

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