Women's football

30 January 2019, 21h51

With security and quality, the women’s football team of Benfica has given another step towards the season’s goals: the conquer of the Portuguese Cup. At Estádio de Câmara de Lobos, in Madeira, a 1-5 victory over Marítimo and qualification to the next round.

Benfica will face Ribeirão in the next round. The match is scheduled for February 16, at 3:00 pm (Saturday).

Benfica's starting XI: Dani Neuhaus, Daiane, Sílvia Rebelo, Tayla, Yasmim, Pauleta, Patrícia Llanos (Andreia Faria at 75'), Ana Vitória (Adriana at 85'), Evy Pereira, Geyse (Rilany at 75') and Darlene.

Bench: Catarina Bajanca, Raquel Infante, Andreia Faria, Maiara, Rilany, Adriana Gomes and Carlota Cristo.


Text: João Sanches

Pics: SL Benfica

Last update: Friday, February 1, 2019

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