17 July 2019, 17h41

After the 0-3 victory over Italy in Round 1 of the U19 European Cup, Portugal that managed to have 5 eagles on the field at a certain point, drew 1-1 with Spain and is very close to reach the Semifinals of the competition.


Starting XI of Portugal: Celton Biai; Tomás Tavares, Gonçalo Loureiro, Gonçalo Cardoso, Tiago Lopes, Diogo Capitão, Vítor Ferreira, Fábio Vieira, Félix Correia, Tiago Rodrigues and João Mário.

Substitutes: Meixedo, Costinha, Gonçalo Ramos, Levi Faustino, Costa, Daniel Silva, Rodrigues Fernandes, Tiago Gouveia and António Gomes.

Text: Diogo Nascimento

Pics: Arquivo

Last update: Thursday, July 18, 2019

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