12 August 2019, 16h20

Benfica was the grand winner of the International Champions Cup (prestigious preseason tournament) and for Adel Taarabt, midfielder of the first football team, starting the preseason to participate in a tournament of this magnitude is always a great experience.

"It was a great experience for us. Benfica has been used to participating in this competition over the years, but this year I think the tournament was even bigger because it had some of the best teams in the world and it really was a great experience", he stressed.

The reds clinched three victories in three matches. 3-0, 1-2 and 0-1 were the results achieved against Chivas Guadalajara, Fiorentina and AC Milan.  Taarabt was a decisive in the final match of the competition when he scored the solitary goal that gave the Clube da Luz a win over the rossoneri team.


"It is always good to win, but obviously, the culture and mentality of the Club is to win every day, every week, so, it was good for us, we started very well and we are very happy. It's a top tournament because almost all teams play in the Champions League, so it's always good to start the preseason, even with friendly matches, with this level of competition", he explained to BTV.

Text: Diogo Nascimento

Pics: Archive / SL Benfica

Last update: Monday, August 12, 2019


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