Saturday, January 25, 2020, 17h01

🎥 Benfica wins "clássico" and remains in the top spot


The home game against FC Porto (80-69) was the 13th consecutive triumph in the Basketball Liga Placard.


Benfica beat FC Porto by 80-69 this Saturday at Pavilhão Fidelidade, in a game from round 17 of the Liga Placard. It's the 13th win in a row in the competition!

Benfica-FC Porto, 80-69

Venue Pavilhão Fidelidade
Benfica's starting lineup Anthony Hilliard, Anthony Ireland, José Silva, Gary McGhee and Arnette Hallman
Substitutes Gonçalo Delgado, Fábio Lima, Toure' Murry, Rafael Lisboa and Damian Hollis
1st quarter 21-15
2nd quarter 34-35
3rd quarter 57-53
4th quarter 80-69
Scorers Anthony Hilliard (23), Anthony Ireland (6), José Silva (3), Gary Mcghee (17), Arnette Hallman (11), Gonçalo Delgado (2), Fábio Lima (3), Toure' Murry (3), Rafael Lisboa (2) and Damian Hollis (10)

Photos: Cátia Luís and Francisca Miguel / SL Benfica

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