Monday, March 30, 2020, 17h39

🎥 Joel Rocha: "We are all called up for this game"


The coach of Benfica's futsal team left a message of hope and optimism.


Recently elected the 4th best coach of the world in 2019, Joel Rocha reveals how he reacted to the award of the "Futsal Planet", positive news when we all experienced this phase of seclusion because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Award shared with the coaching staff and players

"To be nominated was already a source of pride. It is the result of the work of a lot of people, first of all, the club we represent, which has a worldwide dimension and which gives us all the working conditions.  I want to share this award with the entire coaching staff and all the players who have been part of this journey because, in reality, they are the ones who believe…"

Futsal masculino

Follow-up and virtual group training sessions

"Even though we're home, we have a follow-up from a team that gives us everything. I can even tell you that Benfica's futsal has already done three group training sessions today, where we are in this kind of virtual contact, each in their own homes. We're about an hour together in the morning. We also have a very close follow-up on the nutrition aspect. And then the psychology office is also always at everyone's disposal"

Treino Benfica

Staying at home is a defensive approach!

"Last year, the Championship finals were decided in Game 5. At this point, for this game, against a virtually invisible opponent, that we do not know where it is, where it comes from or who can bring it, we are all called up. And the best way to approach this game is with a defensive mindset, and staying at home is a defensive approach. We must stay at home, protect ourselves, our family, so that when we return, we can do things with satisfaction and joy."

Text: Filipa Fernandes Garcia and Márcia Dores

Photos: SL Benfica

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