Thursday, April 16, 2020, 17h47

Supportive in times of COVID-19


Haris Seferovic, the Benfica forward, and his wife, Amina Seferovic, have donated computers to the Student Keep platform to help those most in need.

Due to the difficulties created in the country by the COVID-19 pandemic, many children and adolescents are forced to have classes at home through online platforms. However, not all of them have access to a computer.

In mandatory social isolation at home, the Benfica forward and his wife, Amina Seferovic, bought several laptops and donated them to the Student Keep platform, which works with the Ministry of Education in Portugal  and provides materials to students, who do not have access to the Internet or a computer, to follow the activities proposed by teachers and distance learning.

In his Instagram account, Seferovic also left the appeal to those who have computers and devices they don't use to get in touch with Student Keep, join this cause and help those who need it most, even if you rent your own computer for a few days.

Photos: Instagram Seferovic

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