07 March 2021, 11h47

In the very first attempt, 17.30 meters was the mark that earned Pedro Pichardo the victory and the consequent gold medal, the new European Champion in the indoor triple jump.



PEDRO PICHARDO (winner of the triple jump final): "It was a good event. The big goal was to secure the victory. I won the gold medal. After the first attempt, I tried to stay focused, because I could be overtaken, I knew I was going to have a great battle with Alexis Copello and Max Hess, the two athletes who finished on the other podium places. On the fifth attempt, I realized that I was not going to lose the gold medal, I saw that my competitors were already tired, they could no longer do the jumps with the same quality. At that moment I was calmer."

Text: Diogo Nascimento
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Sunday, March 7, 2021


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