30 June 2021, 19h01


Gil Dias, 24, was officially presented this Wednesday at Estádio da Luz. With a contract with Sport Lisboa e Benfica until 2026, he promises to "give everything on the pitch" and considers the squad to be "like a family".


The dream of playing with an eagle on his chest

"This is a very special day for me. Since I was a little boy I have dreamed of this day. Finally, this dream has come true and I hope to prove my value on the pitch, for the fans."

The first days

"I have been settling in very well. I already knew some of the players and the rest of the squad that I didn't know I am enjoying getting to know. They received me very well and now we are all focused on work. I knew Diogo Gonçalves, because I played with him in the National Team, and Krovinovic. They have an impact on the group and I am finding it easy to adapt."

Apresentação de Gil Dias

Workgroup that is a family

"The team is like a family, we are together and all working for the same goal. Things will go well." 

Apresentação de Gil Dias 

On the pitch with… Rui Costa

"I knew Rui [Costa] from television. I have played at a club he also played: Fiorentina. Wherever I went, I was told: 'Rui Costa, Rui Costa, Rui Costa'. Being here, him shaking my hand and wishing me good luck is something very meaningful."

Apresentação de Gil Dias

Impressed with Benfica's history

"The part where the fans shout goal gave me goose bumps, I have to admit [video projected in the elevator of the Museum]. Benfica has a beautiful history and we must continue writing that history."

Presentation to the supporters and the pre-season

"I promise to give everything on the pitch, I never give up, and the season will be good. I am a fast player, physically strong, good at dribbling, and I like to score goals. Right now we are at the beginning of a new season. We are getting to know each other, working hard, gaining rhythm so we can go into the games strong."

Text: Marco Rebelo
Photos: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica
Last update: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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