04 July 2021, 19h41

After a good performance in the first day of the National Championships of Athletics, – held in Guimarães, on July 3 and 4 – SL Benfica kept a high standard on day 2 and became men's champions and women's vice-champions. 

Décio Andrade, João Vítor Oliveira, Gerson Baldé, José Carlos Pinto, Camila Gomes, Mikael Jesus, Frederico Curvelo, André PereiraEtson Barros and the 4x400 team (men's) stood out by winning their respective events.



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Hammer 7,26 kg Men's   Décio Andrade: 1st place (67,70 m)
110 m Hurdles Men's   João Vítor Oliveira: 1st place (13,84 s)
High Jump Men's   Gerson Baldé: 1st place(2,15 m)
100 m Hurdles Women's   Fatumata Baldé: 3rd place (13,90 s)
Triple Jump Women's   Inês Vicente: 8th place (11,47 m)
800 m Men's   José Carlos Pinto: 1st place (1:49,96 min)
800 m Women's   Camila Gomes: 1st place (2:13,80 min)
Pole Vault Women's   Sofia Marques: 6th place (3,03 m)
Discus 2 kg Men's  Emanuel Sousa: 2nd place (57,46 m)
400 m Hurdles Men's  Mikael Jesus: 1st place (51,44 s)
400 m Hurdles Women's   Catarina Gomes: 7th place (69,28 s)
200 m Men's Frederico Curvelo: 1st place (21,57 s)
Shot Put 4 kg Women's  Eliana Bandeira: 2nd place (17,38 m)
200 m Women's   Leonor Ferreira: 3rd place (24,39 s)
Triple Jump Men's  Pedro Pinheiro: 2nd place (15,42 m)
3000 m Obstacle Men's  André Pereira: 1st place (8:46,91 min)
3000 m Men's  Etson Barros: 1st place (8:20,12 min)
Javaline 600 gr Women's   Aleida Mendes: 6th place (40,05 m)
3000 m Women's  Solange Fernandes: 6th place (10:26,47 min)
4x400 m Men's  Lucirio Garrido, Mikael Jesus, Rafael Jorge and Ricardo dos Santos: 1st place (3:12,21 min)
4x400 m Men's   Ana Oliveira, Beatriz Farinha, Camila Gomes and Carla Rodrgues: 6th place (4:01,17 min)

Text: Simão Vitorino
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Sunday, July 4, 2021

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