14 April 2022, 00h10

Benfica’s journey in the 2021/22 Champions League has ended this Wednesday night, April 13, at Anfield, with a 3-all (4-6 aggregate score) against Liverpool. 

Liverpool-Benfica 2.ª mão dos quartos de final da Liga dos Campeões 

Gonçalo Ramos: "We want to highlight the great journey we made"

"We are not satisfied because we were eliminated, but we looked a great team in the eye and showed that the real Benfica exists. Making my first goal in the Champions League is the fulfillment of a dream, a special feeling, but the most important thing was the team's performance. We want to highlight the great journey we made, we eliminated great teams and were eliminated by a great candidate."

"There is no difference between Benfica in the Champions League and in domestic competitions. We always give our best, we are the same Benfica and that's what we try to demonstrate. We fight for Benfica, for our pride, and we will play every game as if it were a final."


Darwin: "Not just anyone can play a game as we did"

"We showed that Benfica is great, that it can give more. We left everything on the pitch. The draw wasn't enough, but we go back with our heads held high, because we left everything, at their home ground, which is very difficult. We know Liverpool is a great team and not just anyone can play a game as we did."

" At halftime, the coach told us about the counterattack. For example, we have fast players like Everton and me, and we had to go out on the counterattack and look for space. They closed well, made it difficult, but we took advantage of the opportunities."

" The fans deserve applause. When they started singing at the end of the game, it was incredible. I leave a big thanks to our fans. This is thanks to them." 

Liverpool-Benfica 2.ª mão dos quartos de final da Liga dos Campeões 

Yaremchuk: "The fans show us that Benfica is huge"

"Playing against Liverpool and continuing to attack and create chances shows that we are a great team and have potential. We are looking forward to next season and to doing something special again."

"Anfield is a special place, scoring here is a dream. I am happy to have scored a goal, but sad that we didn't go through. The fans show us that Benfica is huge in Portugal and in the world."


Grimaldo: "We raised the Club's symbol"

"Both today and at Estádio da Luz we played a great game. It was a evenly fought tie. Benfica showed that they deserve to be in this Champions League, both in this tie, as well as against Ajax, or in the group stage, where we played Bayern and Barcelona. We played against one of the greatest teams in the world. We knew it was going to be difficult and I don't think they expected us to fight like we did and give our all. Today was complicated, but we didn't stop believing." 

"We will keep fighting for our fans, who support us. They deserve everything we do for Benfica. We are sad that we didn't go through, but happy because we raised the Club's symbol. Many thanks to the fans for continuing to sing for us!"

Text: Rafaela Certã Alves
Photos: Isabel Cutileiro / SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, April 14, 2022

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