25 April 2022, 19h47

Festa do Benfica pela conquista da Youth League


Youth League
Final score final
HT: 0-2
Salzburg 0
Benfica 6
Goal scorers
  Martim Neto 2'
Henrique Araújo 15'
Cher Ndour 53'
Henrique Araújo 57'
Luís Semedo 69'
Henrique Araújo 89'pk

It's ours! Sport Lisboa e Benfica's Under-19s won the first UEFA Youth League in their history after beating Salzburg by 0-6, this Monday, April 25, at the Colovray Sports Center in Nyon. In the most uneven final ever in the competition, striker Henrique Araújo was in the spotlight with a hat-trick for the new European champions. 

Golo do Benfica na final da UEFA Youth League

The fourth time was the charm! It's fair to say that, on Freedom Day, Benfica broke free of the curse and won their first UEFA Youth League. In August, the Reds will play the 1st edition of the Intercontinental Cup under-19, against the Uruguayans of Peñarol.

Martim Neto 

Colovray Sports Center (Nyon)
Benfica XI
André Gomes, João Tomé (Martim Ferreira, 65'), Tomás Araújo, António Silva, Rafael Rodrigues, Jevsenak (Nuno Félix, 80'), Cher Ndour, Martim Neto (Hugo Félix, 80'), Pedro Santos (Ricardo Marques, 80'), Diego Moreira (Luís Semedo, 59') and Henrique Araújo
Ricardo Ribeiro, Martim Ferreira (65'), Nuno Félix (80'), Hugo Félix (80'), Ricardo Marques (80'), Luís Semedo (59') and João Resende
Salzburg XI
 Stejskal, Atiabou (Pejazic, 39'), Baidoo, Wallner (Moswitzer, 77'), Ibertsberger, Agyekum, Kameri (Zeteny, 77'), Sahin, Hofer (Reischl, 46'), Diakite (Berki, 86') and Simic
 Toth, Reischl (46'), Zeteny (77'), Berki (86'), Moswitzer (77'), Pejazic (39') and Halwachs
At halt-time  0-2
Benfica: Martim Neto (2'), Henrique Araújo (15', 57' and 89' pk), Cher Ndour (53') and Luís Semedo (69')

Text: Marco Rebelo and Rui Miguel Gomes
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Monday, April 25, 2022

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