11 July 2022, 16h09

SL Benfica has contributed to the development of football in Mauritius

Sport Lisboa e Benfica and the Mauritius Football Association have completed six months of implementing a technical partnership. The result is highly positive.

The link is still at an early stage, but it is already safe to say that all the outlined goals have been met.

This is a factor that makes Sport Lisboa e Benfica very proud and is well representative of the high level of quality of its technical partnerships, which, in this case, has as coordinator of the Club, on-site, Professor Francisco Silveira Ramos. This, through important technical coordination work, has contributed in a sustained way to the development of local football.

Thus, after an initial assessment of the dynamics that existed in the Mauritius Football Association, the entire activity was expanded in the number of teams and players, with recognized dynamics and strong improvement in the quality of training.

Proof of this is the several friendly matches that have been held, as Professor Silveira Ramos tells us.

"The matches have served to gauge the evolution of the national teams of the various age groups, both male and female, and in which we can already see an implementation of the new work methodologies, with the consequent improvement in the intensity that the athletes have been able to put into the game. All this work has helped narrow the qualitative gap between youth football and the reality of senior football and an example of this is the proximity of the Under-20 team to the senior national team, reflected in the call-up to the senior national team of five players from the youth sector, trained under the protocol with Sport Lisboa e Benfica", he said.

"While much remains to be done, the potential for development is very favorable and the work done so far is promising and rewarding, with very positive indicators of recognition of Sport Lisboa e Benfica's encouraging contribution to the development of Football in Mauritius ", he finished.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica will continue to strengthen its partnership with the Mauritius Football Association and looks with great enthusiasm to the work developed by all local athletes and coaches, who, together with the coordination and implementation team, will continue to work and fight, in a true Benfica spirit, for the development of football in Mauritius.

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Monday, July 11, 2022


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