Women's Handball

17 September 2022, 20h44

The women's handball team lifted the Super Cup 30 years later



Super Cup
Final Score
Benfica 33
Colégio de Gaia 23

Benfica's women's handball team continues to make history. This Saturday night, in Gondomar, the eagles beat Colégio de Gaia and won the Super Cup... 30 years after the last one! 


Benfica-Colégio de Gaia
Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar
Benfica Starting Lineup
Ana Ursu, Alina Molkova, Maria Unjanque, Viktoriya Borshchenko, Mihaela Minciuna, Denise Fernandes and Nádia Rodrigues
Isabela Ferrarin, Mariana Costa, Madalena Pereira, Jelsia Monteiro, Rute Fernandes, Adriana Lage, Isabelle Magalhães, Constança Sequeira and Luciana Rebelo
Colégio de Gaia Starting Lineup

Carolina Monteiro, Mariana Neves, Caroline Ladefoged, Nair Pinho, Helena Soares, Bebiana Sabino and Catarina Ferreira

Joana Rocha, Ana Abreu, Filipa Costa, Ema Santos, Maria Sousa, Catarina Reis, Catarina Silva, Rita Rodrigues and Ana Araújo
At half-time 15-14
Alina Molkova (4), Maria Unjanque (3), Viktoriya Borshchenko (6), Mihaela Minciuna (3), Denise Fernandes (3), Nádia Rodrigues (4), Mariana Costa (2), Jelsia Monteiro (2), Rute Fernandes (2), Adriana Lage (1), Isabelle Magalhães (1) and Constança Sequeira (2)

Text: Sónia Antunes
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, November 17, 2022

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