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A class on game positioning and development of the young player


The Caixa Futebol Campus was the stage of a training initiative given by Óscar Cano, sporting director of Cultural Leonesa (Spain).

The Caixa Futebol Campus hosted, on Monday, a training initiative given by the coach Óscar Cano, current sporting director of Cultural Leonesa.

The event had as a main theme the “Methodology of the Game Positioning: from the concept to the training session” and was attended by around 60 participants of the football area.

Óscar Cano led a lecture in the auditorium of the Caixa Futebol Campus and, later, he took part in a practise, of 80 minutes, with the U-15/U-14 of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

“We should try to understand each style of game and their positioning, but we will also understand within this orientation how the player evolves and given him freedom for that. It is in that sense that we care a lot about the youngster, the player, because we consider he is the main raw material. His intelligence, his talent and his decision-making and adaptation ability on the pitch”, explained Óscar Cano, aged 46, in statements to BTV.

In the practice on the football pitch were present Filipe Coelho and Luís Nascimento, coaches of the U-15 and U-14 teams of Benfica, respectively.

“The most important of the game are the players. They are the ones who take the decisions on the pitch, and we, coaches, understand the game through their characteristics and realize that our ideas do not survive if we do not look at those characteristics”, said Filipe Coelho.

“The game depends a lot on the individuals, the ability and the competence of the players. I give the practical example of our U-15 team: within the common principles, every year there is one or two aspects that change and the team plays slightly different according to the relationships and interactions of the player on the pitch. This year we changed two or three players who play regularly and the game style ended up being different”, stated Luís Nascimento.

Text: Márcia Dores

Pics: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica

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