Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 12h01

Women's football at Benfica will become a reality


Starting in the 2018/19 season.

As announced, a few months ago, by the president of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the women's football will become a reality, and starting from the 2018/19 season.

Based on a professional management, and responding to the wishes of various sports agents and SL Benfica members, the project has been prepared with the necessary discretion.

After a rigorous process of study and analysis on the consequences of SL Benfica's entry into women's football, and given the notorious national and international growth of this sport, there are already some guidelines that will beacon the launch of the future senior team:

- For the respect and preservation of the effort and investment in the training and development of the sport that many clubs have been doing for many years, SL Benfica will start participating in the national competitions in 2018/19 in the Campeonato Nacional de Promoção;

- The future of SL Benfica women's football will be a space reserved for sports excellence, through a sustained and differentiated vision;

It will be maintained the connection to the soccer schools and the youth training, where already exists in the Club the presence of young players, who in the past did not have a solution to continuing playing and that now they can point to a path that aims at the top-level sport;

SL Benfica believes that, in this way, it will influence the development of the sport in Portugal and will contribute to an even greater projection abroad, with a high potential to attract new supporters and sponsors

Over the next few months, SL Benfica will meticulously prepare the next sporting season and announce the coaching team and the squad of athletes signed to start a working group that will compete to live up to the best expectations of the Benfica fans.

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