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Jardel: "This victory will be achieved as the others were: together!"


The captain of SL Benfica's professional football team left a message of hope, faith and unity on Tuesday's News Benfica.

It's unavoidable and lives have changed! The Covid-19 continues to leave the world worried and in suspense. In this Tuesday's News Benfica, Jardel reveals how very difficult time is being experienced.

"Everyone in their own home! Away from Seixal, Estádio da Luz and our supporters. But, in fact, always together! The terrible news that we were going to separate temporarily, in fact, brought us even closer together. Or, at least, in another way", wrote the captain of SL Benfica's football team in the News that is published daily on the Official Website.

Jardel 250 jogos Benfica

"Benfica's squad, but also the coaching staff and all those who usually work with us at Seixal, have been in daily contact. Whether it's to clarify any doubts about everything that's programmed for the preparation we're doing, either to solve any new situation, or simply to hear from each other and, of course, the respective families", shared Jardel.

"Even in times of uncertainty, we are aware of our role and what the Benfica fans expect from us. Football is on hold, as is the world, but we are preparing day after day as if the next game is already on Saturday! We know it will not be like this, unfortunately, but it is in this reunion with the fans and with what we like to do the most that we seek motivation to move forward", claimed Jardel.


"Let us have patience, courage and faith. The most important thing is that we overcome this dark period, which threatens us all, and that we can do again what we like. Even if everyone is at home for now, this victory will be achieved just as all the others have been: TOGETHER!", he finished.

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