15 August 2020, 20h40


The men's athletics team of Benfica won the tenth consecutive title in the Outdoor Club National Championships (with 140.5 points),  in a "mega" organization, which involved the use of tracks in six district associations (Algarve, Aveiro, Braga, Lisbon, Madeira, and São Miguel). In the women's sector, it achieved 2nd place. 

Atletismo Benfica Campeonatos Nacionais de Clubes  

Results and standings of the Benfica athletes

Men's hammer throw António Vital 66.19(1st)
Men´s pole vault Diogo Ferreira 05.20 (1st)
Women's 3000 m Marta Pen 09:11.28 (1st)
Women's long jump Teresa Vaz 06.03 (3rd)
Men's 3000 m Samuel Barata 08:01.05 (1st)
Women's discus throw Ivanilda Lopes 44.74 (2nd)
Men's discus throw Tsanko Arnaudov 20.75 (1st)
Men's 110 m hurdles João Oliveira 14.17 (1st)
Women's 110 m hurdles Fatumata Balde 14.15 (2nd)
Women's high jump Catarina Gomes 01.48 (5th)
Men's 100 m Frederico Curvelo 10.54 (1st)
Men's triple jump Pablo Pichardo 16.93 (1st)
Women's 100 m Arialis Martinez 11.42 (2nd)
Women's javelin throw Bárbara Bica 40.03 (5th)
Men's 800 m José Carlos Pinto 01:51.80 (1st)
Women's 800 m Camila Gomes 02:10.89 (1st)
Men's 400 m João Coelho 46.81 (1st)
Women's 400 m Rivinilda Mentai 57.33 (3rd)
Women's hammer throw Cecília Rebocho  48.69 (3rd) 
Women's triple jump Rosa Djombate  12.23 (3rd) 
Women's pole vault Carla Rodrigues  02.81 (4th)
Women's put shot Eliana Bandeira 16.77 (2nd)
Men's 400 m hurdles Lucirio Garrido 50.48 (1st)
Women's 400 m hurdles Catarina Gomes  69.66 (8th)
Men's high jump    
Men's 200 m Delvis Santos  21.40 (1st)
Women's 200 m Arialis Martinez  23.59 (2nd)
Men's long jump Marcos Chuva  07.33 (1st)
Men's 1500 m Isaac Nader  03:56.99 (2nd)
Women's 1500 m Solange Fernandes  04:32.16 (1st)
Men's javelin throw    
Men's 2000 m hurdles André Pereira  05:28.99 (1st)
Women's 2000 m hurdles Carla Reis  06:41.30 (1st)
Men's 3000 m racewalking Pedro Isidro  13:11.14 (2nd)
Women's 3000 m racewalking Mara Ribeiro  13:57.05 (4th)

Photos: David Martins / SL Benfica

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