04 October 2022, 20h49



Champions League
Matchday 1 of Group F
HT: 38-42
VEF Riga 76
Benfica 89
1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
27-25 38-42 65-71 76-89

Sensational debut of Benfica in the Champions League! In Latvia, the national champions featured a great display and beat VEF Riga by 76-89, a score which clearly shows the red superiority against a big opponent.

Ivan Almeida

VEF Riga-Benfica
Arena de Riga
Benfica Line-up
Aaron Broussard, Betinho Gomes, Toney Douglas, Terrell Carter and Ivan Almeida
José Barbosa, Makram Ben Romdhane, Maik Zirbes, Tomás Barroso, James Ellisor, Diogo Gameiro and Sérgio Silva
Riga Line-up
Artis Ate, Daniel Hamilton, Anrijs Miska, Nysier Brooks and Kristers Zoriks
Ilja Gromovs, Vitaliy Zotov, Jamar Abrams, Roberts Berzins, Maris Gulbis, Emils Krumins and Peteris Pinnis
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
27-25 38-42 65-71 76-89
Points of Benfica
Toney Douglas (17), Ivan Almeida (16), Aaron Broussard (15), Betinho Gomes (12), Maik Zirbes (10) Terrell Carter (6), James Ellisor (5), Makram Ben Romdhane (5) and José Barbosa (3)

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: FIBA
Last update: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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