02 March 2022, 14h50


Benfica beat Midtjylland (2-3) this afternoon, March 2, in the encounter of the last 16 of the UEFA Youth League and is now waiting for the outcome of Dinamo Kyiv-Sporting to know who will be the opponent in the quarterfinals of the competition. 

Midtjylland-Benfica, oitavos de final da UEFA Youth League

Benfica now awaits UEFA's decision on the Dynamo Kyiv-Sporting match to find out who they will face as the away team in the UEFA Youth League quarter-finals. There is a possibility that the game will not take place due to the war on Ukrainian territory.

Midtjylland-Benfica, oitavos de final da UEFA Youth League

Ikast Stadium
Benfica XI
 André Gomes, João Tomé, Tomás Araújo, António Silva, Rafael Rodrigues, Nuno Félix (Jevsenak, 46'), Martim Neto, Cher Ndour (Luís Semedo, 69'), Pedro Santos (João Neves, 69'), Diego Moreira and Henrique Araújo (João Resende, 88')
 Ricardo Ribeiro, Martim Ferreira, Jevsenak (46'), João Neves (69'), Ricardo Marques, João Resende (88') and Luís Semedo (69')
At half-time 2-2
Goals from Benfica
Diego Moreira (5'), António Silva (38') and Luís Semedo (79') 


Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, March 3, 2022

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